Contact us toll-free at 1-877-736-9582 if you have any questions. Also if you have any additional questions please add them below in the comments and we will get you an answer as soon as possible.  Here are some questions our customers have asked over the years:

Who is

With over 20 years of experience, we are experts in tropical wood decking. We have been shipping orders over the internet for the past 10 years and have shipped many orders throughout the United States. We visit suppliers and perform quality reviews. And because we are a large buyer, we can pass on low prices to you as a Builder/Contractor so you can get the job and make it look great.

Why should I buy from

Simple: quality, service and price!

Quality: The building boom saw many fly-by-night internet retailers offer rock-bottom prices but using tricks in the process. These prices include “off-grade” materials that contain more defects like cross-grain, sapwood, and other damages. With, you can be confident that you’re buying a premium product that meets if not exceeds industry standards. And, if you need specific lengths, we will work with you to furnish your exact take-off as close as possible and minimize your waste.

Service: We have a staff of in-house experts who can answer your questions and work with you to select the best materials for your project and budget.

Price: Because we are a high volume buyer, we can pass the low pricing on to you which help you compete for Bids and give you clients the best work possible.

How does your pricing work?

Our lumber and decking pricing is based on the lineal foot (LF).  Prices on lumber, a commodity, tend to change frequently so please finalize your quote before you order.  Prices listed on this site do not include applicable taxes or freight charges so please ensure that your quote has all associated costs before ordering.  We can help you convert your square foot measurements into lineal feet and figure out how much you need to order.  You can use our online calculators or call us for help.

What is the difference between "nominal" and "net" sizes?

The “nominal” size of a board is its listed standard lumber unit measurement. The “net” size is the actual measurement of the board put to a tape measure.  We’d be getting into centuries-old lumber speak with a full explanation, but think of it this way…it’s just easier to say “1×6” instead of “3/4 x 5-1/2”!  Google or Wiki it for a more thorough “why” answer.

What is 4/4, 5/4, 8/4 etc?

These fractions are the “nominal” thickness of each board, standard to the lumber industry. A board that is 4/4 (1 inch) wide finishes out to 3/4″ net width. A 5/4 (1-1/4″) board finishes out to 1″ net width.  Think of it like this – 8 divided by 4 is 2, so 8/4 is a nominal 2 inch thick board.

Do you have a minimum order size?

Typically no, although the order size will affect the freight cost.  We may apply a minimum on closeout or sales items, and we will list any minimum quantities necessary.  Remember though, it may not be cost-effective to order and ship one or two additional boards, so ensure that you have enough when you place your order.

What grades of lumber and decking do you sell?

Most of our stock is sold at “premium” grade, the best grade available. Premium also may be called “prime” or “clear” grade. It will be listed and noted as such.  Periodically we may pull and accumulate lesser grade material which we will sell at a discount.  We typically put those items up on our specials / sales and closeouts page.  They may be listed as “B” grade, “contractor” grade, “paint” grade, etc. – we will describe its condition based on that grade.

Do you provide samples?

Yes we do!  We will send up to 3 samples that are typically 6-8 inches long and unfinished to you free of charge.  Each additional sample is $5.00, and that includes shipping charges.   Some of our competitors charge as much as $10.00 + shipping for one sample!

Do you accept online orders?

We need to speak with you directly over the phone to finalize your order.  Why?  Because buying decking is not like buying an airline ticket, a book or a pair of jeans!  We want to make sure you are getting what you need.  We do accept online inquiries to start the quote and order process and will follow up with any necessary questions to ensure your order is complete the first time around. We hope to hear from you!

How often do your prices change?

Wood is a commodity and the price changes based on the simple economics of supply and demand.  For the past few years, prices have changed frequently.  So one retailer may be pricing newer stock and another may be sold from three-year-old stock and thus the price difference to the buyer.  We make every attempt to keep prices stable and competitive or better among the industry’s best priced retailers.  Please confirm your pricing when you are ready to order.  Your quote will typically say how long your pricing is good for.  View decking price list for our latest pricing.

Where do you ship?

We ship all over the United States (lower 48)!

How much will the delivery cost?

The cost will vary based on several factors, including weight, distance, access to the job site and the level of service chosen.  Your quote will usually include a line item for shipping.  Shipping is listed as an extra cost unless otherwise stated.  Our shipping rates are low because we use freight companies that offer deep discounts on our volume.  Your shipment may arrive via LTL box truck (such as Yellow, Con-Way, Estes) or if in a local area to the warehouse from which it will be shipped, we will typically use a contracted flat-bed or our own truck.  Please discuss your freight needs with us before you finalize your order so we can give you an accurate price.

How long does delivery take?

From the time your order is picked up by the delivery carrier, East Coast locations take 1-3 days.  West Coast may take up to 5-7 days, or sooner depending upon which warehouse your order ships from.  In addition, depending upon how busy our warehouse is, your order will take 1-3 days to pull.   So give yourself some lead time when planning your project.  Our staff can give you a good estimate when you speak to us.

Who unloads my decking from the delivery truck?

When your order arrives at your delivery site, you are responsible for off-loading the truck.  We will provide accurate shipping dates, tracking information and carrier contact information, and you will know in advance when your shipment should arrive.  The carrier will arrange a delivery window with you on a certain date.  This window is typically 2-3 hours.  You will need a crew present to hand-offload the truck – tropical hardwoods are heavy so have a few strong men ready to go! The driver will push your material to the end of the cab, but it will be your responsibility to remove it and re-stack it.  If you have a contractor he should have a crew available to do this, so coordinate with your contractor.  The carrier also gives you a window of time to off-load, typically 30 minutes, so please make sure you have the resources to off-load within the given time, otherwise you could incur additional “overtime” freight charges.  Your carrier can tell you what this window will be, as it varies based on the carrier service.

How can I pay for my order?

We will take your details over the phone.  You can pay with a debit or credit card.  We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express.  We are not taking Discover Card at this time.  If you would like to pay by check, we accept certified checks sent to our mailing address listed on our contact page.  All orders must be pre-paid to be released.  We do not extend lines of credit or give terms.

  1. Ron Hurley

    Although you don’t reference a 45- degree installation in the instructions for Cumaru, I would assume that 16 centers would be acceptable for a 45-degree installation for Cumaru. Also, it appears that the Camp tool with its 3/16″ gap spacing would also be acceptable for Cumaru 5/4 x 6 installation.
    Please advise ASAP. Would like to finalize my order.

    • eDeck Team

      Yes using 5/4×6 cumaru decking which is able to span up to 24″ OC. Installing at a 45 degree, 16″ OC will be more than adequate. As far as the “Camp Tool”?? I think you are referring to the Camo Tool. 3/16″ Gap is too narrow and I recommend 5/32″ to 1/4″ gap spacing. With Cumaru being a KD product you can expect some board expansion and if spaced too close can cause the boards to buckle.
      Let me know if you have anymore questions!
      Thank you
      eDeck Team

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