What are the best practices for using our Ipe boards to create Ipe decking?  Our Ipe, Cumaru, Garapa or Massaranduba deck boards can be used as Ipe fencing and privacy walls. It is a great way to tie your hardwood decking in with the rest of your yard, and, if you have a urban yard set-up, it is a great way to add privacy or cut down on noise levels. It can also help to give your yard a modern and fresh look, too.

The main considerations when installing a Ipe Fence or something similar is to make sure that you account for the weight of the wood and use the proper fasteners. The same rules apply to Ipe Fencing as to decking. You will want to use stainless fasteners to avoid any wood staining. Treat your wood with a sealant if you would like to avoid fading. You want to make sure to use carbide blades and drill bits. Pre-drilling is required for all fasteners. Also, you want to make sure that your fence posts are anchored properly based on the final weight of your fencing.

Below are some examples of Ipe Fencing and Screening from Houzz. If you have any examples you would like to share, please let us know. If you have any questions please comment below!.

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  1. Ben Heyd

    Do I need to worry about the fence dripping natural wood oil onto the concrete surface below? Thanks.

    • eDeck Team

      We have several fence builders use ipe without the issue of natural oil dripping. If you pre-oil and install prior to being 100% dry then, I suppose it could drip. Also if you over oil the wood then this could cause dripping.
      I hope that answers your questions. If you have anymore please let me know.
      eDeck.com Team

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