source: flickr/ Eden Hensley Silverstein

source: flickr/ Eden Hensley Silverstein


We know that all of the terms used in wood, decking, and lumber can be very confusing, especially if you are new to the industry. We created a glossary of wood words to use as a resource when you can’t find exactly what something means. It includes terms we commonly use as well as general wood working, wood flooring, and timber harvesting terminology. We want to make our glossary a living document, so please comment here or on the glossary page with any additional terms or modifications you think we should make to our definitions. I hope this helps everyone, especially those that are new to the lumber or decking world.

If you have any ideas for other helpful reference documents or items please let us know. We are going to work on adding some more calculators to the site, and, as always, we are going to try to add more how-to/ instructions to the blog as time permits We are always looking for decking, gardening, or landscape design projects; please share any blogs or websites that have documented your projects!

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