Trial Ipe deck resurface 6

John and I worked for a full second weekend on his deck refacing project.  We finished the remaining 1/3 of the the deck in one day.  We stopped to shoot a few “how-to” videos and some footage for my eDeck TV commercial (you can see it on our YouTube channel)!  The final day brought us to two issues – (1) the best way to cut the angle in the deck, and (2) cutting and assembling the stairs on-angle.For the angle in the deck, we decided to leave a 3/4″ overhang.  So we took measurements and using our combo square, made our cut line.  We then backed off the cut line and clamped a long board down running parallel to the cut line to use as a rip guide for our Skil saw.  Using the Skil saw with a Diablo blade, we made a smooth, straight rip down the angle with a perfect cut.  Using a brush, we then painted over the end cuts with AnchorSeal end-sealer to help prevent the boards from cracking.  Be careful to not get any end-sealer on your deck facing as it could stain it.  If you do get some on the surface, wipe it off and lightly sand where the stain apprears to remove it.

Now, the stairs.  Make sure that your stair joist at the angle is on center of the angle (yes, we learned this the hard way!).  Also, since Ipe shrinks laterally as it dries from green cutting, try to get an exact width match on the tread boards that will be intersecting for the best fit.  We used 1×6 Ipe with two pieces spread over 11 inches covering the step with about 3/4″ overhang.  Lay your boards across the joists so they overlap.  Draw a pencil line at the two points of the intersect and make your cuts.  You should have a glove-fit.  But even before that step, we installed the risers out of 1×8 Ipe.  Pretty pieces of wood!  John’s backyard was on an angle, so we just used the boards that we removed for a pattern, drew our lines, clamped the 1×8 Ipe to saw horses, and used the Skilsaw to free-hand a straight rip.  We ended up with a pretty good fit.

Finally finished…almost.  John spent the next weekend replacing his arbor, then he put down Woodrich Brown Sugar finish.  It looks very natural, however John wanted to go darker so he put down Woodrich Western Red Cedar.  Woodrich Amaretto would also be a good color choice, it looks almost identical to Ipe Oil.

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