1 x 6 Max Ipe Decking

What is 1×6 Max Ipe Decking?

1×6 Max Ipe decking is a great option to create a stronger and more affordable decking. It offers 10-15% savings when compared with 5/4×6 thickness decking and is also stronger and thicker than standard 1×6 decking. 1×6 Max is also more resistant to cupping and more stable than 1×6 standard. The extra thickness of 1×6 Max will give you deck a longer life than if you built with thinner decking. The thickness is a Net 21mm or approximately 0.826″ thick.

1×60.750 inches$3.70 linear foot
1×6 Max0.826 inches$3.95 linear foot
5/4x61.000 inches$4.89 linear foot

As you can see above, this is a great value. For not much more cost, you get a thicker, stronger, and longer lasting decking option. It is a great balance of cost and longevity that could be just right for your next deck installation.

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