Massaranduba Decking Maintenance

Shore Vista Massaranduba Dock Post 5

Our Guide to Massaranduba Decking Maintenance includes how to cleaning, Brightening, Restoring, and removing stains from your Massaranduba Decking.

  • Periodic cleaning with simple soap and water and a stiff brush will keep your Massaranduba deck looking new.
  • Pressure washers are not recommended. Using a pressure washer can have a sand blasting effect and tear Massaranduba wood fibers, causing a course and uneven surface. A simple garden hose with a spray nozzle should be sufficient.
  • If you need to remove aged or failing stains or finishes, use a good commercial cleaner designed for hardwoods, such as Woodrich Brand EFC-38.
  • Use of a cleaning and brightening two-part system, such as Messmer’s Part A – Cleaner and Part B – Brightener, or Woodrich’s EFC-38 Wood Deck and Siding Cleaner/Stripper and Citralic Wood Deck and Siding Restorer. These 2-part products will return silver/gray wood to its near-original color.
  • Solid color stains (if you can’t see the wood under the stain) should be removed using a stripper such as Woodrich Brand HD-80.
  • Follow all manufacturers’ instructions for applying cleaners and brighteners.