Massaranduba Decking Prices

What is Massaranduba?

Massaranduba (also spelled Macaranduba), also known as Brazilian Redwood, is a beautiful rich-looking alternative to Ipe. More fine-grained and uniformly colored, the light-reddish wood makes for an elegant deck. Widely used in Europe and South America, Massaranduba decking is knot-free, even-toned and low maintenance.

Massaranduba (manilkara bidentata) is very smooth to the touch and shares many of the durable properties of Ipe. It is strong, hard and will also last many years in service. Massaranduba Siding is a natural hardwood so it is recyclable at the end of its service life.

Many people appreciate Massaranduba because of it’s red color it can be thought of as a possible True Mahogany substitute for outdoor siding.

Massaranduba Siding

There is nothing like the beauty of hardwood siding and especially Massaranduba siding. We want your home to have siding that will last for years and years. Massaranduba Siding really gives your home that timeless charm. offers hardwood Shiplap Massaranduba Siding for exterior use.

Sizes – Shiplap Massaranduba Siding typically runs in  odd/even lengths from 7′ to 20′. Please call or contact us to find out our current stock levels, sizes and lengths available as they vary at any given time. We also offer millwork services for special sizes or profiles.

SizeNetGrade and FinishPricing
1 x 4Net 11/16" x 3"Premium Grade, FAS$2.05 per lineal foot random lengths
1×6Net 11/16" x 5"Premium Grade, FAS$2.99 per lineal foot random lengths

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