1×6 Max Ipe Decking Now Available

Thicker Decking without the high price!

eDeck.com is excited to offer 1×6 Max Ipe Decking. 1×6 Max Ipe decking is a great option to create a stronger and more affordable decking. It offers a 10-15% savings when compared with 5/4 thickness decking and is also stronger and thicker than standard 1×6 decking. 1×6 Max is also more resistant to cupping and more stable than 1×6 standard. The extra thickness of 1×6 Max will give you deck a longer life than if you built with thinner decking. The thickness is a Net 21mm or approximately 0.826″ thick.

As you can see above, this is a great value. For not much more cost, you get a thicker, stronger, and longer lasting decking option. It is a great balance of cost and longevity that could be just right for your next deck installation.

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  1. allen

    I predrilled and face screwed 1×4 ipe decking onto 2x pt joists. used 2 1/4 stainless trim head screws. it is very solid. however, surface gets very hot often due to western exposure, and then the boards creek when walked on. Almost like the expansion may be allowing the deck board to move slightly causing a creeking sound. Normal? Any possible remedy?

    • eDeck Team

      It sounds like you boards may have shrunk some from the heat and that is why they are creaking. You could try to tighten the screws but I would be cautious depending on how wet and cold your winter is because then the boards will swell. As for the heat you can try to provide cover or allow the boards to silver and they should not get as hot once they lighten/silver.
      Thank you
      Edeck Team

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