The sealer of choice for over 30 years, ANCHORSEAL® creates a wax barrier that protects against end checking and costly degrade in freshly sawn lumber. ANCHORSEAL® is known in the forest products industry as the best quality and most stable wax emulsion end sealer available.


When applied immediately after sawing,

  • Prevents up to 90% or more of end checking (drying splits)
  • Reduces losses: Conserves resources and improves yield
  • Can help reduce blue stain in logs

ANCHORSEAL® Application:

  • Similar in viscosity to latex paint, ANCHORSEAL® is easily brushed, wiped or sprayed on.
  • When applied it will look like white paint, but will dry clear to a wax-like finish
  • Available in 1-quart (AS1Q) and 1-gallon (AS1G) cans

How Much Do I Need?

One quart covers roughly 25 square feet and one gallon covers approximately 100 square feet of end-surface-area, depending upon application method.  So calculating the surface area for the ends for 5/4×6 decking, 12 boards will cover approximately 1 square foot.  Total up the number of boards you are using:

  • 300 boards or less, purchase 1 quart
  • 300-600 boards, purchase 2 quarts
  • 600+ boards, purchase 1 gallon (more cost effective!)

So one quart will go a long way for the average deck project!  Contractors may want to consider in purchasing in larger quantities for regular use.

How to Order ANCHORSEAL® End Sealer

Please call us toll-free at 1-866-381-4072 to discuss your project and place your order.  We stock the standard AnchorSeal® in quart containers (AS1Q) but we can also place a special order for you if you need larger amounts or ANCHORSEAL2® (AS2).  You may also contact us through our web form.


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