The BoWrench Tool for Decking Installs

The BoWrench® (BW2) is a supurb leveraging tool that helps the decking installer straighten any crown (curving) in a deck board before fastening, giving a snug fit and consistent gap spacing throughout the length of the board.  It’s so easy, it only takes one person. You can pull the board into alignment, and when perpendicular, the tool locks into place, allowing the installer to set the fasteners and move to the next joist.  This tool is especially useful on longer 14-foot-plus lengths where it’s nearly impossible to get an exactly straight board.  We highly recommend this tool to all installers!

BoWrench® Standard Features:

  • Basic tool binds itself to any 2x (1-1/2″) joist.
  • Custom size grippers or adjustable grippers available from factory
  • Frees up hands and legs
  • Seconds to operate
  • Gripper swivels for angled decking
  • Interchangeable parts for pushing or pulling
  • Bends multiple boards
  • Closes gaps up to 2-1/4″ +
  • Left or right handed
  • Simple to operate
  • Powerful mechanical advantage
  • All heavy coated steel construction
  • Bends 3/4″, 1x, 2×6, etc.
  • Works on flat surfaces, walls or overhead
  • Expansion base available (sold separately) to use for joists wider than 2″

How to Order the BoWrench® Deck Tool

Please call us toll-free at 1-866-381-4072 to discuss your project and place your order.  We stock the standard BoWrench® (item #BW2).  You may also contact us through our web form.

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