The choice fastener for hardwood decking is a stainless steel screw.  Other options like galvanized screws may stain the wood black around the screw head. When face-screwing Ipe, Massaranduba, Cumaru or Garapa, the installer should pre-drill a starter hole equal the diameter of the screw shaft.  The threads should only engage the softer joist below.  Two screws should be set per each joist near the outer edges of the deck board.

What Diameter?

A #7 or #8 is standard for general construction.  We stock #7 for standard hardwood decking, but may special order any size your job requires.

What Type of Screw head?

There are two types that are used – flat head and trim head.  Trim head screws are more common and take up a tighter profile. They work well with exotic species as long as you pre-drill a pilot hole.

What Length?

Since hardwood decking is typically 1″ or 3/4″ net thickness, 2″ to 2-1/2″ is a standard length range.  Depending upon your installation requirements, you may need to go as short as 1-5/8″ or as long as 3″.  eDeck stocks varying lengths, but the standard will be a 2-1/4″.

How Can I Hide the Screw Head?

If you do not want the screw head showing on the surface of a face-screwed deck, then you have several options:

  1. Use a “color head” screw.  These screws have a colored epoxy coating over the heat to help create a lower profile.
  2. Use plugs.  You can create a divot into the deck facing with a 3/8″ countersink tool, set your screw, then glue a 3/8″ plug to conceal the fastener.  This is more time consuming but gives a nice aesthetic.
  3. Try a hidden fastener, such as the CAMO System, EB-TY® or Ipe Clip® Extreme™.

How to Order Stainless Steel Screws

Please call us toll-free at 1-866-381-4072 to discuss your project and place your order.  We stock standard sizes, but we can also place a special order for you if you need a different size.  You may also contact us through our web form.

Our Most Popular Options

Below are some of our most popular options for larger quantities of Simpson Strong-Tie® screws.  In addition to the larger pack sizes we can get many more types just give us a call. They are all #7 Trim Head screws in Stainless Steel but in different lengths along with one option that is Colormatch to Ipe wood.

About the Simpson Strong-Tie® Deck-Drive™ SS Screws

The Deck-Drive™ DWP WOOD SS screw from Simpson Strong-Tie® was designed to provide fast, easy installations in high-exposure environments so that you can truly build to withstand the elements. Available in corrosionresistant Type-305 and Type-316 stainless steel, the DWP Wood SS is great for decks, docks, boardwalks and general exterior wood construction where extra corrosion resistance and long-lasting quality are critical. With its specially designed sharp point and unique box threads, the DWP greatly reduces driving torque, allowing for easier installations and more productivity on the job site.


Item ID Description Pack Size
S07162WPB #7 Trim Head 1-5/8IN 305SS T15 4,000
S07225WPB #7 Trim Head 2-1/4IN 305SS T15 1,750
S07300WPB #7 Trim Head 3IN 305SS T15 1,750
T07162WPB #7 Trim Head 1-5/8IN 316SS T15 4,000
T07225WCI IPE Colormatch #7 Trim Head 2-1/4IN 316SS T15 1,750
T07225WPB #7 Trim Head 2-1/4IN 316SS T15 1,750
T07300WPB #7 Trim Head 3IN 316SS T15 1,750

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