Who else is on Houzz? We have found it to be a great resource for ideas, communication, networking, and just having fun.  Houzz is a social network website based around home building. It is close to our heart because it is a place for builders, contractors, vendors, home owners, and architect all to meet and exchange ideas and thoughts.

If you are Houzz, please follow us here:

eDeck.com on Houzz

If you are one of our customers, please review our service and product here:

Review eDeck.com on Houzz

We are working on adding more of our customer projects to Houzz because we know the main function of Houzz is to share images of great work. If you have an eDeck.com supplied project on Houzz, please email us and we will share it on our website and social media.

What do you think of Houzz? Share you profile link below and let us know what your experience has been good, bad, or other. Check out this helpful guide to adding a deck to your house as an example of how great some of the content on Houzz can be.


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