A video showing some samples of Massaranduba Decking and information. Massaranduba Decking (also spelled Macaranduba), also known as Brazilian Redwood, is a beautiful rich-looking alternative to Ipe. More fine-grained and uniformly colored, the light-reddish wood makes for an elegant deck.

Massaranduba is popular because of it’s red color and the contrast it provides when done with white trim or railings. It is a great alternative to non genuine mahogany decking options.

For more information on Massaranduba decking click HERE.

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  1. Michael Gathright

    Massaranduba Decking : My decking is starting the 4th season and 90% are cupping badly. I’ve performed
    6 month cleaning, sanding and re-application of rosewood oil. My concern is increasing because of the continued high maintenance which is mandatory to power sand the board top edges caused by the cupping. Do you have any suggestions to correct or hasten the cupping ?

    • admin

      I am sorry you are having such difficulty with your massaranduba deck.
      We have sent you an email with the questions below as well. Before I go into potential ways to minimize or reduce the appearance of the cupping, can you please provide some basic information as to how the deck was installed:

      Where is the deck installed?

      How much cross flow ventilation is underneath your deck? and from how many sides?

      How far apart are the deck boards gaped?

      How did you secure your deck boards?

      How far apart are your joists spaced?

      What size deck boards did you utilize?

      Once I have the specifics I should be able to provide some incite as to why you are having these issues and ways to mitigate the problem. Thanks.

      eDeck.com Sales

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