Cumaru Wood

What is Cumaru Wood?

Cumaru, also known as Brazilian Teak or Golden Teak, is a naturally durable Brazilian timber with a density similar to Ipe. Its consistent golden brown color and moderate cost make it an attractive alternate to more expensive hardwoods such as Teak or Ipe. Cumaru is resistant to rot and decay, making it an excellent choice for exterior applications such as decking. It not only lasts a long time, but has the beauty of an interior hardwood. It outlasts other popular wood decking species such as treated Pine, Cedar, Redwood and Douglas Fir.

  • OTHER NAMES: Brazilian Teak (USA), Golden Teak (USA), Almendro (Costa Rica, Panama), Sarrapia (Venezuela, Colombia), Cumaru (Brazil), Charapilla, Cumarut (Peru).
  • ORIGIN: The Guianas, Venezuela, Colombia, and the Amazon region of Brazil; reaches its best development on well-drained gravelly or sandy sites. Cultivated in many areas for the tonka beans used as a flavoring.
  • APPEARANCE: Fresh heartwood is reddish brown or purplish brown with light yellowish-brown or purplish streaks; upon exposure gradually’ becomes uniform light brown or yellowish brown. Sapwood is distinct, narrow, yellowish brown. Luster rather low to medium; texture fine; grain interlocked; waxy or oily feel; taste not distinctive but may have a vanilla-like or rancid odor.
  • DENSITY: Janka scale hardness is 3540, making it extremely hard and durable
  • WEIGHT: 70 lbs. / cu. ft.
  • DRYING: The wood is rated as easy to air-season with a slight tendency to check and with moderate warping; drying was uniformly rapid. No dry kiln data available. Shrinkage from green to ovendry: radial 5.0%; tangential 7.6%; volumetric 12.0%.
  • WORKABILITY: The wood is difficult to saw and bore; where severely interlocked grain is not present, the wood planes to a smooth surface. Because of its high density and oily nature, the wood glues poorly.
  • DURABILITY: The timbers have a reputation for being very durable. Laboratory tests also show the heartwood to be very durable in resistance to both brown-rot and white rot fungi. The wood has excellent weathering characteristics.
  • PRESERVATION: Does not need preservation. The heartwood is reported to be extremely resistant to preservation treatments.
  • FINISHING: If left unfinished, like any other natural wood, Cumaru will turn gray. Due to Cumaru’s density, it is difficult for any finish treatment to penetrate the wood. Outside in the elements on a horizontal surface, caretakers can expect to regularly re-coat

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