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This homeowner was tired of replacing treated Pine boards every year on the deck that he inherited when he purchased the house.  The framing was still in good shape so he decided to pull up the treated timbers and replace re-surface with 1×6 Ipe decking that spanned the width of the deck so he would no longer have any joints.  He also decided to face-screw the boards for maximum stability since there was very little airflow underneath the deck.  After a full weekend of work with Shadow the black Labrador supervising, the new Ipe deck facing was finished and we had a Dr. Pepper to celebrate our DIY accomplishment.  Not bad for two amateur carpenters.

Trial Ipe deck resurface 6

Completed deck (no stain/finish)

Trial Ipe Deck 3 Web Trial Ipe Deck 2 Web Trial Ipe Deck 1 Web

Trial Ipe deck resurface 4

Shadow lends a paw

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