Quick Clip fastener for McFarland Cascade Edeck Product

Quick Clip fastener for McFarland Cascade Edeck ProductWe’ve had several calls over the summer looking for Edeck Quick Clip fasteners. Edeck, in this instance, is a discontinued manufactured decking product produced by McFarland Cascade and sold through at Home Depot stores. The Quick Clip fasteners are still available, depending on which product you purchased and how old it is. eDeck, Inc. has never sold the Edeck decking product nor do we stock the Quick Clip fasteners.

Please call McFarland Cascade customer service in Tacoma, Washington direct at 1-800-426-8430 an ask for “Decking Sales” if you are looking for this product. They still stock the fasteners and should be able to help you if your deck is 5 years old or less.  Here’s a link to the Edeck Quick Clip Installation Guide.

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