This Garapa deck was built by John Copeland of Copeland Construction in Mt. Vernon, TX.  Dallas area residents can contact John via email at copeland5@mac.com.

The home owners just purchased this home as a second home at Lake Cypress Springs. It sits back off the water so they were wanting to enjoy as much as the view of the lake as possible. The plan called for this 20×44 deck to run all the way across the front of the house.  After much research and price checking the contractor and homeowner agreed to use Garapa hardwood. The deck was a bit large for the home but they planned on the front being the main hang out area since that’s where the view is. Since it was going to be so large and flat with no railing (it would block the view) it was dressed up with a border wrap and vertical underpinning. The entire substructure is treated material with the deck piers drilled down 5′ (expansive clay soil) to prevent future movement. The decking was attached with the Kreg decking jig which predrills a hole in the side of the boards at an angle so there are no visible fasteners on the deck. The underpinning was originally designed as lattice but changed to vertical Garapa, an easy decision!!

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